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Savvy Advertising and Partnership Opportunities

Hello and thank you for checking out our advertising and partnership page!

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At Savvy we pride ourselves in working with companies that provide value, trust and impeccable customer service to their customers.

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With over 40,000 retailers on board, we have helped our users save $ MILLIONS!

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Strong Values

We limit partnerships to only those individuals or entities that share in our core beliefs and principles, and reserve the right to refuse working with any company that is not willing to abide by our Code of Conduct, Anti-Fraud Policy and expectations of superior service to our customers.

Consumer Rights & Protection

We believe strongly in the rights and privacy of our users and expect the same from our partners. All partners are required to adhere to strict privacy policies and consumer rights terms and conditions. We take our responsibility as a service provider seriously and work hard to protect our users.

Saving Money/Providing Value

Our fundamental and core philosophy is to provide value and/or help our users save money as priority #1. So no matter how good your offer is, if it doesn’t first and foremost benefit our users, then we’ll respectfully decline.

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