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Frequently Asked Questions

Savvy is a service, app and website that makes saving money online as simple as pie.

Our app searches the depths of the web to find you the best coupons, deals and discount codes available, automatically applying them to your order at checkout on over 40,000 of your favorite stores.

On average we save our users over 20% on orders where coupons are available, and our technology has been used to save MILLIONS over the years.

Is Savvy Really FREE?

You bet! We are absolutely, positively and forever free for you and others to use. In fact, charging you a fee would be against our core principles of providing value and helping our users to actually SAVE money, not spend it : )

So How do I Start Saving?

Good question!

  1. First, click on this link to install our app: OR, you can go directly to the Google chrome store to install here:
  2. Once installed, you’ll see this icon in your toolbar or browser:
  3. When shopping at your favorite stores online, just click on the Savvy icon (ICON HERE) to view all available coupons, discounts and cash back offers at that store.

During the checkout process be sure to click on the “Find Savings” button and we’ll automatically find and apply the best deals for you : )

Do you Have a Cash Back Program?

Thank you for asking! Our team is REALLY excited to announce that we’ll be launching a cash back rewards system SOON. VERY SOON.

With our cash back system you’ll earn REAL MONEY on every qualifying purchase that can be redeemed for cash back via PayPal, check or bank transfer, or you can opt to redeem your cash back in the form of a gift card. Dealers choice : )

This means that even if a coupon is not available for a site or store, there may still be an opportunity to save money by earning cash back on that purchase.

What Browsers are supported with Savvy?

Currently we only support the desktop versions of Chrome, but support for other browsers and mobile are coming soon!

How do I Use the Coupons at Checkout?

When checking out at your favorite stores the Savvy app will automatically display the “Savings Finder” app and “Apply Discounts” buttons. When you click on the buttons, Savvy will automatically test the codes to make sure they work correctly, saving you the trouble of trying each one individually before checkout.

Once we’ve found the coupon or discount that saves you the most money (takes less than a few seconds) we’ll automatically apply those savings for you and will give you a “congratulations” pop up to let you know the code worked before completing your checkout process.

What Stores Does Savvy Support?

We’re proud to say that Savvy works is supported at over 46,000 websites and brands online!

We work hard to make sure we have the BEST coverage available for you as you shop at your favorite stores.

If you have a suggestion or notice one of your favorite stores is missing just let us know and we’ll work hard to establish a partnership with them so you can continue to save at the stores you shop at most often.

I’m a Traveler…does Savvy work on International Sites?

Sure does. And we’re busy adding more supported sites EVERY…SINGLE….DAY. If you don’t see your favorite sites supported, please drop us a line and let us know so we can try to add them.

I Own/Represent/Run a Store…can you add us to Savvy?

We sure can. Reach out to us HERE to see if you qualify and to see how we can work together to help your customers save money while shopping at your site/store.

What is Going on when the Savvy App is “Inactive”?

If our app is “inactive” that means that the website you are on is either not supported (i.e. we don’t have a partnership with them), or that we couldn’t find any coupons, discounts or cash back opportunities for you on that site/store.

Do I Need to Register an Account to Use Savvy?

While certain basic functions are available without registering (such as the coupon finder), our cash back program is only available to those who register an account with us.

After all, we need to know where to send you your rewards and checks right? And don’t worry, registration is easy as pie and we don’t ask for any funky personal information.

Hey, I’m Having Trouble with Installation. Help?

Sure thing buddy. We’re here for you.

First, double check to see if you are using a supported desktop browser (right now we only work with Chrome with support for other browsers coming soon).

If that didn’t uncover the issue, please reach out to our support team HERE.

I’m Not Finding any Coupon Codes. What’s up with that?

Even a hero has a bad day every now and then. And on occasion we will indeed come up empty handed. The most common reason this happens is that there are simply no “working” or “available” coupons for the site, store or purchase that you are making at that time.

Remember, while our tech support guy Adam does a few card tricks, we are not magicians. Meaning we can’t magically create our own coupons (even though we’d like to).

Like all other coupon providers, we rely on the store and website to run deals or offer us special promotional discounts for our users.

Our major benefit to you is that we:

  • Save you time by searching the web for ALL available codes, offers and discounts
  • Automatically test and try those codes to make sure they work
  • Automatically apply the best working code for you
  • Offer (where available) REAL cash back on your purchases

In the event that you notice we’re missing a coupon code, do us a solid and please let our team know so we can add it so others may also benefit from additional savings…pretty please : )

What Type of Information do You Collect?

We’re privacy nuts so we definitely understand your concern. That’s why our policy is built on a couple principles”

  • Only collect or ask for information that is absolutely necessary for business operations or to provide you and others with the service; and
  • Be clear and transparent in our data collection and privacy practices

To those points, we collect two types of information:

  1. Information that you provide to us:

    This is information that you provide or submit to us such as your name and email address during registration of an account on Savvy. At times you may also (if you choose) give us other information such as when you link your Facebook or Twitter accounts to our services.

  2. This is information that you provide or submit to us such as your name and email address during registration of an account on Savvy. At times you may also (if you choose) give us other information such as when you link your Facebook or Twitter accounts to our services:

    Like most apps we collect general user and access data including but not limited to cookies, device data, log information, cookies, the success rate of coupons or discount codes so we can make sure they work right, and other usage data that helps us improve our services and make sure everything runs smoothly for you and others.

    We value your privacy, and where possible we often offer options to “opt out” of certain types of data collection in your user settings. However, in some cases various data is needed in order to deliver certain services or features and disabling such data collection might impact your ability to use such features.

    Other information or data is collected through our use of Google Analytics. If you wish to opt out of Google Analytics please visit .

    For more information about our data collection policies please visit our Privacy Policy

How is My Information Used?

In general we use any information collected for the support and development of our site, services and app, and to improve upon or develop new features or a better user experience for you and others.

For more information please see our Privacy Policy where we detail the strict privacy guidelines we follow to ensure your information is protected.

How Does Savvy Make Money?

On participating stores or websites, when you choose to use a coupon or cash back offer provided by Savvy, that merchant or store may give us a small commission fee for helping you to save money on their website.

At the very least it helps us keep the lights on here at the office and helps us to develop new and exciting ways for you and others to save money online.

Having Trouble Finding an Answer to Your Question?

Have no fear, our super brainy support team is here! In case we weren’t able to answer your question(s) in FAQ, simply send our support team a quick email and we’ll get on it lickity split.